Main Activities

The Highlight of each WSA competition is the Winners Gala

The WSA Gala brings together international leaders and innovators, creators and designers, entrepreneurs and activists in the international e-Content and ICT industries. The Gala attracts high-level guests from all over the world, including Heads of State and government representatives, executives from UN agencies and private sector leaders who personally hand over the award trophies to the winners of the Global e-Content contest. The 2003 and 2005 Gala events were held in conjunction with the UN World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva and Tunis; the 2007 WSA Gala took place in the framework of the Global Forum in Venice. The 2009 Gala took place in Monterrey, Mexico, 2012 the WSA Winners were honored in Cairo, Egypt.

Global e-Content Summits:

e-Content Summits provide a unique opportunity to learn about new interactive content and innovative technology applications that advance local and national content production. They are platforms for networking and knowledge exchange and showcase best practices in e-Content from all over the world. WSA has recently organized Summits in places such as Hong Kong, Vienna or Yerevan.

National Road Shows and Exhibitions:

The WSA Road Shows are organized and conducted on a national level and coordinated and supported globally by the WSA office. They support capacity building in a region, demonstrate the achievements of local content producers, and encourage entrepreneurship and knowledge exchange between countries. Over the last two years, WSA has supported events in 5 continents and over 20 countries. The current WSA Road Show will run throughout 2008 and 2009.